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Ikea Robotics
'This Hacked Ikea Furniture Takes Care of Its Own Feng Shui'

'Robotics Turn Furniture Into Lovable (Sometimes Horny) House Pets'

'Ikea by way of Woody Allen'

'Self arranging Ikea furniture'
MAKE magazine

'Ikea Robotics'

'Future of computing: Worms. Balloons. Moving Furniture.'
Huffington Post

'ITP Spring Show 2010'
(Video interview @ 1:08)

RocketBoom daily internet culture

Dynamic Ground
'This Sublimely Trippy Floor Responds to My Every Captivated Step'

'Watch the Dynamic Ground move beneath your feet'

'ITP winter show 2009 - our favorites'
Adafruit Industries

Living Shade
'ITP Winter Show 2008 - Best of show...'
MAKE magazine

'Grad School for Gadgeteers: 10 Ways to Fuse Technology and Art'
Scientific American


Resume available by request

adamlassy [at] gmail


Adam is an interactive designer living in Brooklyn and Los Angeles.

He works as a software programmer and builder of things.

He holds a BS in Computer Science from UCSD and a Master's degree from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program.

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Ikea Robotics

A conceptual study of dynamic and responsive environments, using Ikea as the structural platform.

I have modified an Ikea Lack table and an Urban chair to create mobile, wireless robots that can dynamically reconfigure interior space in response to people.

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